What is the outlook for air travel in 2018? According to our newly released Global Business Travel Forecast, demand is rapidly expanding on a global level.

Yet, while fares are expected to rise in every region, overcapacity on some routes, aggressive expansion by low-cost carriers and historically low oil prices should keep price increases in check. Although only modest fare increases are expected, airlines will continue to drive revenues through the expanded use of ancillary fees.

Other air trends for 2018 that were revealed in this American Express Global Business Travel report include the increased use of unbundled fares by mainline carriers to better compete with low-cost airlines and the broader adoption of premium economy seating as a means of bridging the widening gap between economy and business class products.

The report also identifies key metrics for your air program, best practices to employ for your air policy as well as air trends we predict for each region. To read more, download the full report by filling out the form below.

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