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Trends of the GBTA Convention 2017

“Convergence” may have been the theme of this year’s Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) Convention in Boston, but what were folks really buzzing about at the largest gathering of business…

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What Are the Hidden Expenses of a Cost-Focused Travel Program?

Business travel is an important investment. Companies spend millions of dollars to empower road warriors to do what they do best: Meet new people, forge connections and facilitate positive business…

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Dive Into Business Intelligence to Cut Costs, Boost Compliance

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has access to tons of data, each year processing billions of dollars in travel spend from millions of business trips. We have breakdowns on…

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2 Things Mid-sized Businesses Should Prioritize to Squeeze More Savings Out of Their Corporate Travel Programs

While 2020 was a year when companies had to scale back on their travel activities, we saw that there’s one group eager to get back out there – mid-sized companies….

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A Personal Touch: How the Travel Industry Is Supplying a More Customized Experience

With machine learning becoming more sophisticated and other robust tools able to capture tons of data about travelers, the travel industry is looking for ways to use this massive amount…

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Business Travelers Demand a More Personalized Service—And Here’s How We’re Delivering It

Personalization. It’s a buzzword being thrown around a lot these days. Business travelers demand it, and those in the industry are scrambling to supply it. From how they are able…

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Reigniting the Middle Market through the Modern Business Traveler

By Colin Temple, Vice President and General Manager, North America, American Express Global Business Travel  “He who would travel happily must travel light.” While this quote by the famed French writer,…

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Metrics that Matter: Travel Data Sharing Infographic

A recent survey conducted by THE BTN Group and American Express Global Business Travel looks at how companies are focusing on compliance and savings. The study finds that for many…