One of the most important tasks of business travel managers everywhere is to make sure that their employees get home safe. That’s why having a robust travel risk management strategy and access to the right travel security services are crucial components of any business travel program.

Travel risk management begins before your travelers depart on their trip. Make sure that you are able to educate your travelers on their destinations prior to departure. Providing information on health and safety issues, cultural etiquette, vaccination, climate conditions, and more is a proactive approach to averting risk and keeping your travelers safe.

Having adequate travel security services at your disposal is also essential for any travel risk management program. Your business travelers must have around-the-clock support and security, no matter where in the world they go. This means having access to a global network of support, like that of American Express Global Business Travel. We also provide you with the ability to pinpoint your travelers’ locations in almost real-time. With EXPERT CARE you can also communicate with and provide alerts with your travelers at a moment’s notice. With these travel security services you can keep tabs on your travelers and keep them informed of crucial changes in situations.

There are so many situations that can arise while your travelers are on the road. From natural disasters to civic unrest, your travel management program needs to properly equip to handle it all so that your travelers can get home safely. With the right travel risk management solutions and travel security services in place, your ability to uphold your duty of care can be that much easier.