Every event attendee comes with their own perspective, goals and personality. From the Social Butterfly to the Reluctant Attendee, understanding these personalities at a high level can give insight into how your events can be tailored to meet attendees’ varying needs. While solving for everyone isn’t always realistic, planning with likely attendee personas in mind is a great first step.

See below for a tip on how you can design your event for each persona:

  • The Knowledge Seeker – Conduct pre-event surveys to tailor your content to their needs
  • The Tech-Savvy Networker – Include features in your app to help them find and connect with the right contacts
  • The Inspiration Seeker – Offer immersive experiences that connect the Inspiration Seeker to local culture
  • The Social Butterfly – Make sure there are plenty of opportunities for interaction in breakout sessions
  • The Reluctant Attendee – Allow free time and space for disengagement as this type of attendee often needs downtime to recharge

To learn more about who attends your event and how you can design and plan with varying attendee personas in mind, download the full paper.

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