Travel Insights

Nudge In-policy Hotel Bookings Without Putting a Big Fight

We know it’s hard to persuade employees to book their full trip – i.e., air + hotel – through the corporate booking tool. Despite all the efforts travel managers make,…

Travel Insights

7 Ways to Prepare Your Accommodations Program for the Return of Business Travel

As corporate travel teams get their accommodation programs ready for the future, here are seven areas to assess to help keep travelers safe and obtain the best value: Shore up…


A Q&A With Our Partner Hilton on How the Hotel Brand Is Keeping Guests Safe With CleanStay Program

In the wake of COVID-19, cleaning and safety standards have become one of the most important deciding factors in selecting a hotel. In order for business travelers to feel comfortable…

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Fact or Fiction? A Fun Quiz to Test Your Hotel Knowledge

Will business travelers earn loyalty points when booking through the company’s booking channels? Should they spend time trying to find the lowest hotel rate online, or is what’s available in…

Research & Insights

Survey: Understand Your Travelers’ Hotel Booking Behaviors

Want to know more about your traveling employees’ hotel booking patterns and preferences? Well, you are not alone. American Express Global Business Travel recently teamed up with the market research…

Research & Insights

Survey: How to Effectively Communicate Your Hotel Program to Travelers

You do not need a study to tell you that effective communication is key to boosting hotel attachment — you need one demonstrating what communication strategies actually work with travelers….

Research & Insights

Hotel Lingo 101: A Guide Defining Jargon Used in the Hospitality Industry

Whether you are new to travel management, are seeking solutions to optimize your hotel program or simply can’t remember what “LRA” and “NS” stand for, American Express Global Business Travel…

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The Hotel Monitor 2020 Cities Forecast from American Express Global Business Travel

To help travel buyers plan their 2020 budget of their corporate lodging program, the Global Business Consulting (GBC) team at American Express Global Business Travel has assembled hotel price predictions for…

Research & Insights

The Hotel Monitor 2019 from American Express Global Business Travel

With the accommodation request for proposal season almost upon us, American Express Global Business Travel is releasing its Hotel Monitor 2019 report to help travel and procurement departments optimize their…