The basics of business travel

Companies of all sizes send their staff on business trips to connect with colleagues, or create lasting relationships with partner companies or clients. Some may use business travel for professional development. Others may use it to enhance employment engagement. While there are different reasons to travel for work, all travelers expect the same benefits:

Simplified bookings via digital platforms

Opportunities for discounted rates

24/7/365 customer service

Why go the route of a business travel program?

If your company wants to improve the travel experience, a business travel program is the right way to go. Here’s why: A business travel program sets your booking policy, provides savings opportunities, and the peace of mind of having reliable ways to communicate with travelers. How? By bringing a lot of resources and solutions together for easy access.

Whether your company spends a little or a lot on business travel, we can help!

With a flexible solution to your needs, we can upgrade your existing travel program or start you off on a whole new one.

Four key benefits of a business travel program:

Improved Communication

Spend Guidelines

Better Rates

Current Technology

Still not sure if you need a program like ours?

Ask yourself these 5 questions to help you decide:

Do you have a way of knowing who’s traveling when and where?

Can you reach and help your travelers in an emergency?

Are your travelers booking with preferred providers to get the best rates?

Does your company have official T&E guidelines to help save?

Are you missing out on any savings opportunities?