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At American Express Meetings & Events, we provide research and insights that combines detailed global meetings industry data with the collective knowledge and thought leadership of our experienced team. Download our 2019 Meetings and Events Forecast here. Download full copies of our other research and insights papers below.

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Asia Pacific Destination Report: Perceptions of Top 5 Cities

From the glistening islands of Indonesia, to the modern metropolises of Tokyo and Hong Kong, to the national treasures of Australia’s landscape, Asia Pacific delivers an option for every style, taste and manner of event. As interest in meetings and events in the Asia Pacific region grows, we surveyed meeting professionals across the region to understand perceptions.

Meetings Legal Trends

Legal developments around the globe are creating new best practices that cause companies both big and small to re-evaluate the ways in which meeting services are delivered. In this paper, we explore the implications of GDPR, emergency planning, and codes of conduct.

The Future of Personalization

We are now living in a world where delegates have increased expectations due to the continual advancements in technology. Every attendee has different personal and emotional requirements and we are seeing a greater need to offer a more individual and personalized experience at events.

In-Depth Look at Medical Meeting Content: What Drives HCPs to Attend, Engage and Learn

In the everchanging world of health and medicine, HCPs are in a constant state of continuing education. This report explores what impacts HCP consideration for attending medical meetings and what matters most to them about content and meeting design.

Latin America Destination Report: Perceptions of Top 5 Cities

An increase in worldwide travel has raised the bar for meeting planners to provide unique meeting experiences. Developed in partnership with IBTM Americas, this report explores Latin America’s growing popularity as a compelling destination for meetings and events!

How to Take Incentives from Another Day at the Beach to a Bucket-List Worthy Experience—And Why It Matters

Read how designing an incentives program around bucket-list experiences can help drive business outcomes and improve retention, and recruitment, of top talent.

Focus on the Why: How Branding Principles Can Guide Your Event Design

Learn how using key branding principles – brand essence, target audience profiling, and emotional and functional attributes – can help planners focus on the “why” and design effective and memorable events.

Understanding Your Attendees: The Key to Event Success

Understand event personas and personalities at a high level and gain insight into how your events can be tailored to meet attendee’s varying needs.

Benchmarking Your Meetings Journey

Understand the stages of Strategic Meetings Management (individualized, consolidated, strategic, and optimized), where the companies that were surveyed sit on the continuum, and the benefits they are deriving from SMM.

China: How to Manage Compliant Meetings

Learn some of the specific areas to watch for when planning meetings in China to stay compliant, and learn some basic next steps you can take to help mitigate meetings-related risk.

On the Horizon: Healthcare Trends to Watch

Gain insights across key areas of congress planning – attracting attendees, educational experiences, and implications of next generation HCPs, technology, data, and personalization trends.

Mitigating Risk in Meetings: 2016 vs. 2013

Understand shifts in meeting planner and meeting owner activities and behaviors related to risk from previous study conducted in 2013 
vs 2016.

Doctor’s Orders: The Physician’s Perspective on Meetings and Events

Gain insights into the elements of healthcare meetings that attract physicians today and what will 
motivate them in the future.

Emerging Africa: Exploring Meetings on a Changing Continent

Discover factors impacting the selection of Africa as a meetings destination as it rises in prominence on the global business stage.

Protect Your Profits: Mitigating Meetings Risk in Life Science Companies

Gain insights from our exploration of meetings risk, understand key trends, and identify gaps between leaders and meeting planners.

Great Expectations: The Evolving Landscape of Technology in Meetings

Determine expectations of meeting planners/owners and meeting attendees for virtual and social media in meetings.

Global Meetings and Events Forecast

Looking at 2019, meeting professionals have an optimistic view of the meetings market. Download our 2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast to gain valuable insight into the world of meetings and events.

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