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Michael Qualantone

Chief Revenue Officer

Previously, Michael was Executive Vice President of Global Supplier Relations where he led a global team responsible for all GBT supplier engagements with airlines, hotels, car companies and limo providers, as well as on-line booking tool providers and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).

He has also led the Travel Partner Network, made up of GBT Franchise partners who service business travelers in countries where GBT has no proprietary presence. Prior to this, he led Global Marketing, Product Development and Innovation, as well as internal and external Communications. This role included innovative and strategic efforts such as mobility, MI, and customer value programs. The Communication team leads all industry, media, and social media channels.

In a prior role, Michael was Vice President, Client Services Group, bringing together key Operational and Client Management aspects of the organization, with over 2,500 employees. Michael has led operations for both the US On-site servicing and Latin America call centers. He has been with American Express for 31 years and has held various leadership positions within Finance and Business Travel. He is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael earned his MBA and B.S. Degree from Arizona State University.

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