For those who do their holiday shopping at the 11th hour, subscription services are wonderful last-minute gifts. There’s no need to fight the crowds at the mall or worry if the mail carrier will deliver the package in time.

They also can be great presents for business travelers, eliminating a trip-related headache or task from their to-do lists.

With that in mind, today we have assembled a list of seven subscriptions we believe corporate travelers either will want to drop as gift hints or buy for themselves.

1. Priority Pass

If your company doesn’t provide you with airport lounge access, it’s time to sign up for Priority Pass, a membership that will grant you entry to more than 1,200 airport lounges worldwide.

This means the next time your flight is delayed, you can be enjoying free snacks, beverages and Wi-Fi service in comfortable seating rather than be confined to the waiting area surrounded by frustrated travelers.

The best part about it? Priority Pass isn’t dependent on your company’s travel policy. As long as the lounge is within the network, you will have access no matter which carrier you’re flying with.

Cost: $99 to $425 a year

2. ClassPass

If you find most hotel gyms are not properly equipped for the kind of workout you’re accustomed to or you wish to expand your exercise horizons beyond the treadmill and free weights, ClassPass sounds like the right fitness fit for you.

With more than 10,000 participating studios around the world, you should be able to find a class easily, whether you’re away on business or at home sweet home. And because ClassPass offers a wide variety of classes — everything from barre and boxing to cycling and dancing — your exercise routine on the road should never get dull.

Cost: $45 to $160 per month

3. MM.LaFleur

Even if you often travel to destinations with the best shopping and browse the duty-free shops at the airport, it can be challenging to build your business wardrobe when you are always on the go.

Enter MM.LaFleur, a maker of sophisticated business apparel that offers what it calls “Bento Boxes.” Basically, it’s a package filled with four to six pieces of professional attire and accessories that have been hand-selected for you by one of its stylists based on your fashion and fit preferences.

Since it’s not a conventional subscription service, there’s no commitment whatsoever. You can request a Bento whenever your closet looks a little light and receive it within four days.

Cost: $110 for a chic top to $325 for a statement dress

4. Graze

If you’re the type who generally brings snacks on the road or are looking for some healthier alternatives to airport food, then check out Graze, a mini-snack subscription that allows you to pick and choose from over 100 nutritional noshes.

To get started, you’ll fill out a form letting Graze know what kind of flavors you prefer (such as sweet, savory, fruity and chocolate). Then its “taste experts” will curate a box with four wholesome snacks tailored to your desires.

Now doesn’t that sound a lot more appetizing than the minuscule bag of pretzels you generally receive on the plane?

Cost: Usually $13.99 for a box of eight single-serving snacks

5. Audible

Whether you want to give your weary eyes a rest during a flight or are stuck in the car for hours because you’re a true “road warrior,” listening to audiobooks via Audible can help make traveling fly by and altogether more productive and entertaining.

Forget having to rely on the CD player in the car. With the Audible app, you can listen anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Even when you switch devices, it will never lose your spot.

With Audible offering more than 425,000 titles, the largest selection out there, you may wish for that commute never to end.

Cost: $14.95 per month for three audiobooks (one regular and two “Audible Originals”) of your choice

6. Birchbox

Sure, the original idea behind Birchbox may have been so that consumers could test out beauty samples before committing to the full-size versions, but it actually has turned out to be a great solution for getting quality makeup, hair and skincare products into your carry-on and through airport security since all its products are well within the 3.4-ounce liquid limit.

The way it works: Each month, Birchbox (or BirchboxMan) sends five personalized samples from beloved beauty and grooming brands (think Kiehl’s, Living Proof, Benefit, The Art of Shaving). You then can purchase from Birchbox full sizes of your favorite samples. Just remember to leave those larger bottles at home.

Cost: $10 per month

7. Lyft and Uber

As we mentioned in a previous Atlas article, ridesharing companies also are testing out the subscription model. Lyft recently rolled out nationally its All-Access Plan in which passengers get up to 30 rides per month costing up to $15, while customers of Uber’s Ride Pass plan, available in select cities, can pay a monthly fee to avoid surge-pricing charges.

You may find these plans are a good fit for you if you regularly pull up the apps to find a ride from the airport to hotel and meeting to meeting and your company’s travel policy doesn’t cover ridesharing when public transportation is available.

But perhaps the one who will benefit most from this idea is your significant other — if they’re always the one picking you up and dropping you off at the airport.

Cost: Lyft: $299 a month; Uber: $14.99 in Austin, Orlando, Denver and Miami; $24.99 in Los Angeles