Business travel isn’t like leisure travel. There’s a whole different set of policies, processes, requirements, and more that go into it. “Because #BusinessTravel” is a four-part series that talks about the unique nature of business travel and how the Neo travel online booking tool supports business needs.

Let’s admit it, booking business travel can be a source of worry. You need to comply with your company’s travel policy, you need to get all the right approvals, and you need to find the best flights and hotels for your business trip (and the finance department probably doesn’t define “best” the same way you do).

Oh yeah, and you need to do your actual job: scheduling and preparing for meetings and other activities while you’re on the road.

You need a booking tool that supports all the administrative necessities – which are important to the business – while minimizing the time you have to spend dealing with them. Neo™ does just that.

For example: If you need to justify the value of your trip, you need to figure out what the total cost of the business trip will be. Neo takes the guesswork out by calculating the total cost of the trip, including estimated costs for nonbookable elements (such as cost of meals) as well as the standard bookable elements like transport and accommodation.

Neo makes getting approvals easy. Not only does the system offer convenient mobile approvals, but it also provides the ability to set approvers for specific users and even drive approval routing based on information captured during the booking process. You don’t need to worry whether an option presented is within your company’s travel policy.

Neo displays itinerary based on policy, clearly showing compliant options. And that even includes ground transportation. Neo gives companies the flexibility to prioritize hotel recommendations based on preferred hotel lists (with negotiated rates) and price, or just simply offer the cheapest option available.

Try Neo for yourself and see firsthand how it helps you focus on your business.

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