Business travel isn’t like leisure travel. There’s a whole different set of policies, processes, requirements, and more that go into it. “Because #BusinessTravel” is a four-part series that talks about the unique nature of business travel and how the Neo™ travel online booking tool supports business needs.

Agility. It’s a word you hear a lot in business. To be innovative and successful, you need to be agile. You can’t be rigid and inflexible. And that goes for your business travel as well. At American Express Global Business Travel, we understand this, which is why our technology team built Neo to support your business needs, even as they change.

For example: Because sometimes everything is planned in advance, and sometimes it isn’t – Neo has the flexibility to book just one part of your trip, like a flight or a hotel, or you can book your entire end-to-end trip right from the smart search screen. And if you’re starting with a just a flight, you can prefilter your search by a range of options, including class of service, flexibility, carrier, price, airport, connections, CO2 emissions, and compliancy.

Because sometimes business travel is a long haul – Neo lets you easily book a multi-leg trip. Simply add transport and hotels as needed until your full trip is built.

Because sometimes you want to build flexibility into your travel plans – Neo enables you to easily filter air results by fare flexibility.

Because not everything happens in a specific order – If a traveler’s profile is not updated with the mandatory secure flight passenger data, they can complete it during the booking review and their profile will be automatically updated. No interruption in your flow, no need to start over and lose your work.

Try Neo for yourself and see firsthand how it supports your agile business.