Using incentive trips not only can motivate employees to hit certain sales or service goals but also can boost a company’s brand and its recruitment and retention efforts. But what kind of rewards trip will spur employees to work harder — a long weekend to a beach destination they’ve likely visited before or being flown across the world to a magical place like New Zealand complete with other high-end experiences? It’s the never-been-to-before destination on their bucket lists, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that really will galvanize them to work hard and fight for that vacation.

But how can you identify just the right destination that will be most appealing to employees? And how do you make such an extravagant trip fit within your budget? What other considerations should you take into account when organizing a rewards trip that’s to be remembered?

To help managers, directors and meeting and event planners organize extraordinary trips that employees will come back raving about — and, thus, incentivizing those stuck home to try harder next time — American Express Meetings & Events, a division of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), teamed up with the Auckland Convention Bureau to produce a white paper called “How to Take Incentives from Another Day at the Beach to a Bucket List–Worthy Experience —And Why It Matters.”

Some of the highlights in this report include:

  • Ways to identify yearn-worthy destinations employees will work hard to get to and how to make it a memorable trip they’ll gush about to their co-workers
  • Ideas on how to boost the perception and anticipation of a rewards trip to inspire employees even more
  • How to fund these extravagant incentive trips without breaking the budget as well as where you can find destinations with hidden value
  • Other factors to consider when planning the trip, such as travel time, extracurricular activities and safety

To access this white paper (as well as others by American Express Meetings & Events), click here. You then will need to scroll down and fill out the contact form before being able to download the report.