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Keep Safe During Your Next Hotel Stay With Our Pro Tip Checklist

Many hotel brands have introduced enhanced safety and cleaning protocols over the last few months, but guests should also take extra precautions to maintain their well-being during an overnight stay….

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Maintain Your Safety at the Airport With Our Pro Tip Sheet

Airports around the world have implemented rigorous cleaning and security protocols to minimize health risks, but travelers also should be taking extra safety precautions to maintain their well-being. To help…

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When in Toronto…A Business Traveler’s Guide to “T.O.”

Toronto is the vibrant, multicultural, and welcoming city on Lake Ontario’s shore that Peter Ustinov once described as “New York City run by the Swiss.” Arriving in Toronto Toronto’s Pearson…

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When in Munich…A Business Traveller’s Guide to Site of the GBTA Conference

The GBTA EMEA conference is heading to Munich on 19-21 November. If you are attending, here is some advice on getting the best out of a visit to this beautiful…

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Business Etiquette in China

For western business travelers heading to China, acclimating isn’t simply a matter of getting their physical bearings — it’s about finding their way on an interpersonal level, too. There are…

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Tips for Traveling to China on Business

Even for veteran business travelers, visiting China can be a disorienting experience. From navigating all the entry requirements to finding your way around a country where little English is spoken,…

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6 Ways To Survive The Busy Air Travel Season

The airport during the holiday season resembles a high-traffic tourist destination, like Times Square in New York City or the Mong Kok district in Hong Kong. You have your veterans…

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Improve Travel with These 6 Business Travel Essentials

While many frequent business travelers become creatures of habit with their go-to apps and preferred airlines, it’s always good to check in with the latest tools and products available to…

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Travel Workouts: How Exercising on the Road Just Got Easier

No matter how good your intentions may be when you’re packing and toss in your workout clothes and running shoes, it’s hard to have the discipline to hit the hotel…

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More Travel Hacks to Make Business Travel More Bearable

Half the battle of a business trip is getting to the destination. But once you’re on the ground, there are still certain challenges, like dealing with jet lag and trying…